Thursday, December 27, 2007


I made this "Fish" cake for Peter who loves fishing. He has been fishing since he was little and usually goes with his dad. He takes several fishing trips each year and one week a year goes all the way up to remotest part of Alaska by helicopter to fish for Salmon.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sleepover cake

Rachel and Gabi are twin sisters who had a sleepover for their birthday. What better way to celebrate their sleepover party than with a sleepover cake? I used Twinkies for the body and a marshmallow for the pillow. They were completely surprised when they saw this cake and all the girls who slept over loved it. Each one wanted a head and a pillow.

Christmas Tree

In the spirit of the Holiday season I made this Christmas tree cake. I decorated a chocolate cake with green icing and covered it with different candies as ornaments, I used an ice cream cone to look like the tree trunk.

Snowmen & Raindeer

These were for a Holiday office party with lots of people and instead of a large cake I made individual cupcakes. To keep with the holiday theme I made vanilla "snowmen" and chocolate "reindeer" Each "snowman" and "reindeer" were decorated differently. For the "reindeer" I used pretzels for the antlers and M&M's and non-parels for the eyes, nose and mouth. The "snowmen" were marshmallows and decorated with pretzel sticks for arms, and assorted candies for everything else.

Rainbow Cake

I made this cake during one of my cake decorating classes. We were learning how to decorate with"stars". This was a vanilla cake that I covered in blue frosting to look like the sky. I pipped the rainbow out of different colored stars. At the end of the rainbow I used white frosting to look like clouds. I brought the cake into school and let my friends enjoy the cake.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

It's a "10"

This week my sister turned ten and I made her a special cake out of a one and a zero. Her favorite color is purple so I iced the cake with purple icing. I tried my hand at making flowers. Not bad for a first try. I am taking cake decorating classes and I know my cakes will get better and better. Come check them out and see for yourself.

Monday, November 26, 2007

My First Custom Cake

I just started my very first business "Gillian Cool Custom Cakes" and this weekend I delivered my very first custom creation, a "Swimming Pool" cake for a seven year old boy. He absolutely loved the cake. When we arrived he jumped out of the pool and brought all of his friends over to check out the cake. As you can see from the pictures my cake was quite a success. Nothing but crumbs left in the end.
Here it is before.....

And here's what was left after all the kids got at it......


Hi ! my name is Gillian, my name is spelled with a G but sounds like a J. I'm 11 1/2 years old and I've been cooking since I was two years old. When I was about two years old I woke up on a Saturday morning and my brother was hungry so what would any two year old do? I went into the fridge and I took out the bread and the cream cheese. Then I went into the freezer and I took out the chocolate chips. I put the cream cheese on the bread and I sprinkled the chocolate chips over the cream cheese. I made one for my brother and one for me and then I went into my parents' room and I said to my parents do you want one? and my mom woke up and said what are you talking about? And I showed her the sandwich. Now I told you about myself.